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about us

Our mission is to aggressively expand the community of alumni, friends and partners that will provide gifts, time, talent, and financial support to help further our Founder's vision to challenge, motivate and prepare individuals to be at the forefront of what God is doing.


​We serve the alumni by providing information, programs, and activities that encourage them to live as more than conquerors, the people that know their God, who are strong and do exploits.


​We support the college by advancing MTCC through programs that enhance the student experience, promoting student-alumni interactions, establishing a spirit of loyalty to the college, securing financial commitment for advancing the accomplishment of the mission of MTCC and cultivating relationships between students:  past, present, and future.  


We support the students by providing scholarships for deserving students in need of financial assistance who have strong work ethics and leadership qualities.


We recognize that More Than Conquerors College is an extension of the vision God has given Dr. Robyn Gool to equip men and women to be challenged, motivated, and prepared to be in the forefront of the most powerful explosion of the works of the Holy Spirit this world has ever known.


​MTCC Alumni and Friends Association, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, exists to build relationships with the alumni, friends, and partners of More Than Conquerors College for encouragement, involvement and increased awareness of what God is doing in and through More Than Conquerors College.


MTCC Alumni and Friends Association serves as the primary means for alumni, friends and partners to make tax deductible contributions in support of More Than Conquerors College. 

meet the board of directors

Dr. Fredrick.png

Dr. Wylie G. Frederick, Chairperson

Charlie White.png

Dr. Charlie White,


Darlette Fogg.png

Dr. Darlette Fogg, Treasurer

Minister Thomas.png

Dr. Willie Thomas, Advisor


Richard Robbins,

Membership Coordinator


Reginald Bratton,

Membership Committee

Chapman, Matt.jpg

Matthew Chapman, Board Member

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